I'm a web designer/internet marketer who's learning to program.When I learn new things, I try to apply this knowledge immediately, as it helps me understand and remember. 'Arithmetic Problems' was created for this purpose, and more applications will most likely follow. Another reason for creating this app was simply the notion that it would be nice to have an app to help me practice arithmetic, and I couldn't find one.

'Arithmetic Problems' is a web application, designed for the iPhone. It should also work on normal computers, as long as javascript is supported. It generates arithmetic problems, meant to help you train mental calculation.

The way the application looks on a PC is very different from how it looks on an iPhone. That's because it wasn't very user friendly to rely on the iPhone's native numerical keyboard (it would take two extra clicks for every entered answer). So iPhone users see a custom created numerical keyboard. Also the layout will change depending on whether the iPhone is held upright or sideways.